As part of my valorization activities I provide several scientific presentations and guest lectures per year at other universities and conferences. In addition, I am regularly developing and giving lectures and workshops for organizations and other institutions. I have, for example, provided workshops on how to deal with rumination and optimize sleep to employers and managers at the Sustainable Employability Conference organized by the Dutch Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment and to general practitioners in training at the VU Medical Center. I have also developed and filmed a masterclass on how to manage sleep and well-being for a large international food producer and supplier.

Would you like your employees to learn how to deal with work stress, rumination and sleep problems? Or how to successfully use boundary management to optimize their technology use during and after work? Or do you want your employees to feel healthy and happy at work? Look no further and contact me through the contact page of this website and I will gladly get back to you quickly and provide you with a fair offer.