PicturePeople Amstelveen (7 van 11)I am an Assistant Professor of Work and Organizational Psychology at the University of Amsterdam. After receiving my Master’s degree at Maastricht University in 2011 (cum laude), I conducted my PhD studies on work stress and sleep at the Behavioural Science Institute in Nijmegen, which I finished in 2016. I successfully defended my PhD soon thereafter (January 2017).

Current research areas include investigating how stress, perseverative cognition, and sleep are related to work-related performance outcomes such as task and contextual performance. Another line of research explores mediators and moderators of the stress-sleep relationship, including but not limited to cognitive processes, mood, happiness, and health behaviors such as exercise. Moreover, I examine both sleep quality and quantity. In a third line of research, I investigate how employees’ connectedness to the workplace (e.g., work-related smartphone use, workplace telepressure) affects their sleep and work performance, while accounting for cognitive and biological mechanisms. One of the most important goals of my work is to design and implement evidence-based, tailored interventions to improve behavior of individuals and occupational health in general.